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“MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY” full-length Music Album marks Last Union’s first official collaboration with superstar singer of Two-Time GRAMMY nominated prog rock/metal band Dream Theater, James LaBrie and showcases an interesting evolution for all artists involved in the project. Destined for big adventures, Last Union celebrates ex-Helloween Uli Kusch' s return after a few years absence as one of the most respected drummers of all times and welcome none other than the phenomenal Symphony X bassist Mike LePond. Focusing on the band's composers, the spirited driving force of melodies of Cristiano Tiberi's elegant and aggressive guitars and Elisa Scarpeccio's distinctive voice are the right accessories for Hard Rock in refined clothing.

"Very strong material." - and again on the song President Evil - "I can't sit still listening to it! I'm confident you'll be able to reach plenty of rock stations with this track."

Jens Bogren, Fascination Street Studios

Record producer, mixer and recording engineer


Elisa Scarpeccio: Vocals

Cristiano Tiberi: Guitars

Mike LePond: Bass

Uli Kusch: Drums

Feat. James LaBrie